First target of our kennel is to continue to be amateur.

This is our basic idea, and it is the commitment that we have given at the beginning of this adventure and that we have ensured with the signature of Breeders Ethics Code. That from when we had request the name "dei Cinque Viaggiatori for our kennel.

We still continue to give birth to our puppies in our house, they grow up in our family, they are accustomed at the day, the night, rumors or sounds. They play with us, with our friends and with the other dogs of the kennel. Outside, they can stay in the shadows of our trees and with us do some walk in the nearest woods.

This is what we do for give you a puppy ready for life. This is our way to be breeder.

....genetics is an exact science, but is very hard understand and manage it ....

Is clear in our mind, the kind of Bussethound that we want. We like and we breed puppyes with strong bones, more skin and a little part of clumsiness. This make them irresistibly nice likeable and charmed.

All, starting from a selection focused to get puppyes healty and with good relationship with people, the other dogs and balanced character.

Day by day we try to improve our knowledge about the race and they are stronger and firmness, to achieve and follow our moral and ethical principles. We are aware that this wonderful experience will end when we will realize that we have betrayed our principles.

Passion and respect for our dogs, is improved by sharing a cynophilia cultures that can not loos respect of those who have given way to business alone. Our kennel, pursues the beauty and healty with awareness of breeding an ancient and important breed.


Torino (Italy), 2017, June

Florinda e Massimiliano